viddymatic web video plugin – easily add video to your website

The Little Web Video Plugin With
Big Web Video Super Powers

No Super-Nerdy-Geeky Abilities required!

Easy-peasy Popup Videos...

Viddymatic lets you switch between 'in the page' videos (embedded) and 'popup' videos (that hover over the page) with a single click. No messy scripting in sight!

Monetize Your Movies - Redirect Visitors In 3 Easy Ways...

Viddymatic lets you set an 'action' for your video. It can austomatically happen at the end of a video, by clicking the video itself, or using a 'clickstrip'.  Great for product promotion and affiliate marketing.

Viewing Stats For Your Videos With a Single Click...

Tick a box and Viddymatic will send useful stats to a free Google Analytics account. You'll know how many people watched 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of your videos - and how many took action too.

Add a Turbo to YouTube...

Want to add a YouTube video to your site? Let Viddymatic do it and you'll also have the ability to redirect at the end of YouTube movies and get special viewing stats sent to a free Google Analytics account too!

Automatic Amazon S3 File Protection (optional)...

Using an Amazon S3 account is a great way to store your videos - and it's even better with this killer Viddymatic enhancement. It uses Amazon S3's expiry system in a clever, automated way to help you protect access to videos, mp3s, zips, pdfs, exes, and more. All with just a few button clicks.

2 Versions: Standalone & WordPress Plugin...

Viddymatic can be used on standard web pages you'd create in an editor such as Dreamweaver, Kompozer etc. Plus, there's a dedicated plugin for WordPress too.

iPad, iPhone & Smartphone Ready...

Viddymatic uses its own 'Flash' player wherever it can, and automatically uses HTML5 compatible mode for devices like iPads, iPhones, and Smartphones. That means you don't have to lift a finger to enable videos to be seen by almost all visitors from this galaxy.

Play MP3 Audios Too...

As well as videos, Viddymatic will also play MP3 files on your web site too. It uses the same system as the video player to reach the widest number of visitors, and even has some of the same 'redirection' abilities as videos.

Easy List-building Ability...

As a by-product of its popup abilities, you can use Viddymatic to overlay any page (not just audios and videos). You can even set a page to popup automatically after the page loads. That makes Viddymatic a great way to add easy list-building technology to your web site without any extra scripts of plugins!

High Quality Support...

We pride ourselves on providing supreme support for our customers. If you have a question or need help, you'll know you're not just going to get a delayed stock answer from an offshore'll get an effective solution direct from the owners/developers.

"Thanks for your timely and helpful support - simply AWESOME!"
Rich Jaeger, Founder,

How Valuable Is Your Time?...

Before I tell you how little you'll be investing in this pocket video rocket, I want to give you another BIG reason for using Viddymatic:

it will save you  hundreds of dollars in time, hassle and wasted energy (and that's on top of Viddymatic's ability to help you bring in money from using video on your web site!).

Combined with ongoing upgrades, abilities, and the high level of support we offer, I challenge you to find anything else that comes even close for the money. (In fact, when the current work on the next update is complete, you'll probably see the price rise.)

Select Your Viddymatic Option:

Start adding videos to your web site with ease inside 5-minutes of ordering...


Version 2 has just been completed and released as a WordPress Plugin...
While we complete the 'Standalone' upgrade to version 2, you can save up to $30 extra!...

web site

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up to 5
web sites

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WordPress Plugin requires WordPress 2.8 or higher. Standalone version requires web hosting with 'php'.
All versions use Ioncube (already installed by most hosting companies, very easy to add if it's not)

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About the license options...

Each license covers domain(s) you personally own (registered in the same name) up to the number shown. There are no restrictions on the number of videos/audios/popups you add using Viddymatic, and no restrictions on the amount of Amazon S3 files you can protect with it...

"1 web site" license allows you to install and use Viddymatic on a single domain/sub-domain registered to a single individual (or business entity)

"5 web sites" license allows you to install and use Viddymatic on up to five domains/sub-domains registered to a single individual (or business entity)

"ALL web sites" license allows you to install and use Viddymatic on all domains (now and in the future) registered to a single individual (or business entity)

"What support do I get?"
Price includes  support via our email-based Help Desk and customer members area, plus all product updates made available for version 2. We have an exemplary support track record - you're in very safe hands!

Do you add new features to Viddymatic V2?
Yes - and you'll get them all! Also, as a customer you're welcome to offer your own ideas into the mix for future updates. Plus, new features currently planned will raise the price in the future - so grab this offer today to receive future upgrades for free.

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Your Viddymatic Guarantee

We proudly offer you a zero-risk guarantee: you get 60-days to make sure you're satisfied with your great new investment. Just take Viddymatic for an honest workout for the next 8-weeks, and if you really don't feel it's been a great investment for your website(s), then let us know and your payment will be refunded.

To your video-based success,
(Director, Mediashockz Ltd)


Adding your own videos, mp3s, and popups to your standard web pages or WordPress-powered site using Viddymatic is the ideal combination of simplicity, flexibility and power...

You can be adding hassle-free videos to your website literally within seconds...and with no geeky tech-skills required:

  • Show videos directly in the page, or 'pop' them up in an attention-grabbing 'overlay', with just a few easy clicks of your keyboard and mouse
  • Monetize your videos and enhance your marketing ability by redirecting viewers to any other web page
  • Use YouTube videos (embedded or as popups) and auto-redirect them to any other page on the web
  • Viddymatic's built-in video tracking means you'll have a great idea about how people watch your videos - even YouTube videos! (all you need is a free Google Analytics account)
  • Built-in Amazon S3 security feature - help protect videos (and other file types) in a members area with a single click, and wave those dollar-sucking bandwidth thieves goodbye (just requires a free Amazon S3 hosting account)
  • 2 versions for the price of 1 ~ one plugin for 'standard' web sites (just requires your web hosting to have 'php'), plus one plugin for WordPress (version 2.8 and higher)
  • Add unlimited audios & videos, popups, protected Amazon S3 links etc, on up to 3,  or all, of your domains (depending on license chosen)
  • Special bonuses for all customers

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